Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bikini Body, Camera Ready

Switched from coffee to green tea today, it's healthier.. but very hard to switch because it is a habit to drink coffee when I wake up...  But today was the day.. and it actually tasted much better than coffee.. and it actually has just as much of a caffeine kick.  I got off of caffeine a few years ago, then got back on it.. but while I was caffeine free and alcohol free I was feeling very good.. so, I hope I inspire you to try to make a healthy choice today :-)

Now I gotta try cutting back on the wine next, that is a hard one.  I love chardonnay.

I am starting to work out harder, running, doing my floor work, sit ups, push ups, the butt lifts, ballet and dance warm up.  It is just hard to start a new habit, but once you can get it going then it just gets easier and then the motivation kicks in.  But, to start all this, it is hard to motivate.  Just gotta think, beauty is pain, Sandy.  (a line from the movie, "Grease".)
Will update as I improve..

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