Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I really like this idea that Trasharella is mentioned in San Luis Obispo Tribune for scary movies filmed in the SLO County.  I also wrote Butterfly Lane to be filmed in SLO.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sex In The Cinema, Starz Network at Hollywood Film Festival

Last night I went to see the World Premiere of "Sex In The Cinema"!  Here I am with Director Jeffrey Schwartz, he is amazing, so talented, and such a wonderful friend.  The documentary is awesome, and very interesting... I mean, it's all about Sex In The Cinema... so, you can imagine.  It will be airing on Starz Network Nov. 11 (or around then)  Paul Verhoeven is interviewed, Jennifer Tilly, Peter Stickles, Alanso Duralde (pictured with me), Dominique "Lolita" Swank and myself, and many other  actresses/actors and directors of sexy cinema.

It was great to meet new awesome people and see some good friends there, too.  Alsonso wrote the book 101 Must See Movies For Gay Men, and I did a Showgirls Q & A with him when he had his book release "party" which was a one week long film festival at Laemmle's Sunset Five Theater, of course, Showgirls was the grand finale movie!  How fun that was!!!  My friend Christian gives the best interactive comments, lol ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interview on set of Showgirls

Elizabeth and I both took dance classes and danced together at Tremaine Dance Center with Margarite Derricks long before Showgirls came to be.  We did take our dancing very serious, as she says.  We rehearsed for months, I think rehearsals lasted for almost 5 months.  We had a pole installed in our rehearsal studio, which was out in North Hollywood.  We had a lot of fun rehearsing at the studio.  Paul Verhoeven came to watch our dances one night, Elizabeth and I both performed our choreography for him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009



I am making the ORIGINAL version of TRASHARELLA available again, but the new shorter version is going to come out on HALLOWEEN!! :-)  It's totally different, and it is so strange the way editing can change a whole tone of a film.  The original is more campy comedy, but this new version has a new tone.  It is much stranger and serious.  Although, I know, it's a hot mess... but it has some demeaning scenes in there, lol ;-) (ooops, fraudian slip?  I meant, REDEEMING.. ya)  I wish I could upload video to this blog, darn... youtube canceled my account because this new Trasharella commercial we made, for some reason, was "inappropriate"... I really don't know why.  Is it against youtube rules to be ball gagged while a painted faced vampire serenades on his accordion?  Or to kill a vampire with a barbie doll?  It's a PG movie, no use of "bad words" or anything, no F bombs.

Here is the soundtrack link, as well... let's boogie!  Thanks to Marcey for her artwork!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny Facebook

           I had my number one Showgirls fan, well not MY number one fan, but a Showgirls Fan who renamed himself Nomi Malone aka Warren Malone, who emailed me a link to a group of friends on Facebook.  They are so funny, really clever, and are cracking me up.  They have taken the identities of the Characters in Showgirls, Penny Hope being one of them.  They have the characters, like Cristal Connors, Nomi, Mr. Moss, Molly Abrahms, and others talk to each other and say the movie dialogue to each other on their Facebook pages.  I stole these photos from Penny Hope... or, I mean, me.. or, Gosh, it's confusing... I don't know if I am Penny Hope or this other person is Penny Hope, or is Penny Hope me?  I don't know... anyways... I love it and search Penny Hope on Facebook to check out their hilarious banter.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Star Dancer

Star Dancer is my new script. I haven't posted it on imdb yet, but here is the unofficial announcement, whispering to you my secret. I also have another new script about Marie Antoinette Uncensored, it is very different from the fabulous movie that Sophia Coppola made. I also have Trasharella In Space script completed, I finished this one a while back. I love writing screenplays. But, it is so consuming and I write for 12 to 15 hours a day. So, my workouts and the rest of my life gets put on hold while I slave away, well, not really slave away because I love love love it so much. It is really returning to my childhood. I know this may sound strange to some, but I bet some people relate... it reminds me of my childhood because I would spend my days imagining stories. I loved to play with Barbie Dolls and create a soap opera life for them. And my friends and I would always do those role play types of child's play, kind of like playing "Cowboys and Indians", but we had names like "Poor Girls", "Rich Ladies", "Indian Girls", "Naked Ladies" (must have been an early psychic premonition of Showgirls), ya, we thought we were so clever, candy cigarettes for the "Rich Ladies" and brooms for our "Poor Girls" skits... I think we were doing a take on Little House On The Prairie. But, we were in our imaginations, living in these make believe worlds. And that is like writing a story or screenplay. It's like really being there, inside the story. A lot like acting.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Life Story

Hi Everyone! Well, yes, I am still alive. I've been neglecting this blog. I have been in my writing chamber, wrote 2 new scripts within this last 4 months. Very excited about both the projects. I think I will continue in this direction of writing. "Trasharella In Space", the Trasharella sequel. And, ta da!, the chronicles of my life, told in a satirical melodrama approach, Star Dancer: The Showgirl Strikes Back. Yes, it is inspired by my Showgirls experience and how it influenced my entire existence.

I refuse to do Twitter, but I am on facebook, getting in touch with the friends I grew up with. I guess facebook is like the new blog, in a way... Oh, and you can rent Trasharella now for $2.99 on Amazon. They keep most of the money, but a cheap way for you all to check out this campy crazy zero budget movie I made.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trasharella Soundtrack on iTunes Now!!!

The Trasharella Soundtrack is available World Wide on iTunes! Just search "Trasharella" on iTunes.

Also, TRasharella Soundtrack is available on Amazon.

Behind the scenes of Sickle

This is the new movie I am in, as cool as a popsickle, it's called Sickle.
Tiffany and I backstage preparing for a scene in a strip club.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Rena talks Trash (arella)

click the link below to read it..

Trasharella movie trailer premieres at PARANOIA FILM FESTIVAL on the "Scream" Queen Mary!
Click the link below to check out their official website!

Another interview on Terror Tube! (Trasharella, Dark Reel, Inner Balance, and more..) Rena and Dark Reel Director Josh Eisenstadt discuss movies and characters..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Rena Riffel and Robert Davi on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rena on the Radio


WITH DJ RAVENWOLF! Click Above link...

I talk about being an actress, Dark Reel, Showgirls, and different things...

Saturday, February 07, 2009

More Trasharella News

Hi Everyone!

Trasharella DVD is available at Amoeba Records in Hollywood now! The thing is, if it is popular and people buy it up, then Amoeba will host a big in-store appearance and music concert for me and the cast members (Stereocell Band, and my music)...

So, if you want a copy of the movie, go to Amoeba and buy it up. It has my friend Mary Carey in it, she is so funny in the movie. Count Smokula is brilliant and so crazy in the movie, Stefan Lysenko does an amazing acting job and he is one hot lookin' dude, Tom Challis is hysterically funny and does such a great performance and is hot too, and Jade Paris, a real life fetish model, she is amazing in her role... did I leave anyone out? Well, those are the stars... of course, my Mom and Dad did a great job acting out the silent movie... I think the performances are worthy of awards. But, the movie is such a cult/art house film, that "hollywood" would never give it a chance in any of their film festivals.. Oh, and of course, The Green Haired Man character, very interesting.

It is a musical, and has some really catchy hit songs in it, too... and lots of dancing and skimpy super hero outfits. And, somewhat of a horror movie, comedy, all wrapped up in one fun entertaining movie!!!

OK, that's it for me...

Thanks for checking out my blog!!!! Say hello here, love to hear from you and respond...