Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Unleashed-Coheed And Cambria video with Rena Riffel in "Feathers"

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Rena Riffel comments: Blogs about Actors and Celebs

I feel like making a statement about how the many "celebrity bashing" blogs have their facts messed up. The more in the spot light and on the radar you are, the more they think they are funny to put actresses, me, and celebs down. It brings them traffic, I think. But, part of me wants to write them and correct them on what they say about me. But another part of me, just lets them be. Let them have their funny little way of writing sarcastically. I guess, in this business I am in, it has turned into "bad press is good press" or "there is no bad press". So, I wish I could correct them all. For one, as an actress, I have many different characters I have played and been cast as, not only strippers. I have worked with the best directors in the world. And I have only done 4 "soft core" films out of 50 films. Check my imdb. And by the way, they have my B Day wrong! :)