Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rena's Happy Birthday Song- by Count Smokula

By Count Smokula

Oh Rena, my gawjus vife!
Sveet tomato of my life!
It’s boithday time in Riffeland
Vhich in Smokesylvania is vhen
Ve strike up the band!
And proclaim to all the citizens
That Rena’s boithday’s at hand again!

Oh vhat a joyous celebration!
Ve sing for her across the nation!
Ve honor her, it is our duty
Her gentle demeanor, and such great bootie!
She viggles and jiggles for all mankind!
Her attributes are so divine
She sometimes vears her clothes vit pride
Sometimes all nude, vit nothing to hide
Like a baby in her boithday suit
Oh that Rena is oh so cute!

She glides around just like a fairy
At times exposed by Mary Carey
Vit paparazzi on the catch
To show the voild her vundrous snatch!
Oh that Rena upon inspection
Is better than vhat ve vould call perfection!
She shoots and edits, edits, shoots
Vears vinyl or blackest leather boots
She tears so many men’s hearts in half
but me, I like to make her laugh!

Vhen she’s heppy, the voild looks bright
Ve love that Rena vit all our might!!!
So this is vhat ve today proclaim:
For The Riffel who sings like a boid untamed!
A vild , delicious goil vas named!
And on this oith, ve can’t be blamed
For vanting Queen Rena to rule and reign!
So heppy boithday vunce again!!!!