Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coheed And Cambria Music Video Teaser

Here is the big Teaser for the music video I did for Columbia Records/Sony/BMG artist, Coheed And Cambria! Fans are LOVING IT!!

Read the wiki, at the bottom of the page. Sony plans to make a major motion picture of Meet The Feathers 2010!

I play "Judy Feathers"

VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Rena Riffel and Mary Carey

Tonight the episode of VH1 Celebrity Rehab aired when I visited my friend Mary Carey on the show. It was great to see her doing so great. Mary is so nice when she is sober. And when she gets tipsy she is also a lot of fun. But I am very happy she is sober and off her Xanax, thank God! It was a true blessing for her to be able to do the show and be in rehab with wonderful Dr. Dru, it costs 30 grand to go into the treatment, not affordable to real life Starlets.

I got to meet my Grease idol, Kenickie, Jeff Conaway. He seemed to be doing much better when I saw him.

Watch the reruns- Rena Riffel and Mary Carey (Mary Ellen Cook) on VH1 Celebrity Rehab!
Special thanks to Mary and