Friday, January 29, 2010

My Deep Kiss Music Video

I made this video with my ex-boyfriend, Doug.  It was a great experience, things went really smooth.  The only glitch was when Doug shot the black and white footage in fast motion instead of slow motion, lol.. but, I just changed the concept and went with it, I think it works, like an old Charlie Chaplin movie... I came up with the concept of playing a magical witch who casts a spell on an innocent guy, then making him fall in love with me.  I say a magic spell and adorn the chain with oils, herbs, crystal powers, and the chain becomes like a snake, wrapping around my Prince Charming.  (Played by Jayme Gallante)

We filmed for 2 days, out in the desert under an old train bridge.  And in my bedroom, and at Runyon Canyon in the stone ruins, rumored to be the old Barrymore Estate (is this true? Drew Barrymore's grandfather).  I funded it myself, cost about $1200.  ( while we were drinking margarita's at El Coyote at 4 in the afternoon, Doug convinced me this music video would launch my music career, lol...)  I processed the film at a good lab, shot on short ends, then had my telecine transfer done at this awesome low budget porno place, with wood paneling walls and gold shag carpet left over from the 70's (like Boogie Nights), way deep in the Valley (they gave the best deals).  (We borrowed the 16mm Arriflex camera from a friend, Mike Shogun, and Doug had his own 8mm old fashioned retro camera.)  I only had one roll of 16mm color film, or enough to sing the song through once and do some pick ups, and about 10 minutes or so of the black and white super 8.  I had it transferred to a VHS for my edit decision list, which I wrote out time codes on paper.  Then took my handwritten EDL to my brother's friend who is an Avid Editor, Dean, who gave me a good deal, too.  I read off my list, and we finished in a few hours, really simple and fun.  Now days, I'm on FCP or iMovieHD, doing everything on computers myself.  I kind of like how simple and fun it was doing it the old fashioned way, no dealing with FCP and things going "off line".  That would be amazing to just go back to my old method, working off time code with my VHS player.  tee hee ;-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I love Feast Of Fun!


Fausto and Marc have reminded me to have a Feast Of Fun!  So, when I'm workin' so hard just to pay my dues, and it's hard to walk a mile in my shoes.  I just click on the pod glowing like the sun, and listen to the awesome guys on Feast Of Fun!

Tee hee, that's my poem for the day :-) 


Sunday, January 24, 2010

The new Showgirl movie News!

Dear Showgirls fans,

Coming soon is a new movie I made for you.  I have filmed a teaser on beautiful 35MM film, just to kick off the celebration!  It's the new Showgirls movie, SHOWGIRL: THE MUSICAL!!!!  
The Showgirl Teaser:
Written and Directed by Rena Riffel
Cinematography: Charles Rose
Producer: Rena Riffel, Thom Berry, Michael Anderson, Josh Eisenstadt
Super Teaser Editor: Dustin Robertson aviddiva hollywood
Post Production: Fotokem
Teaser trailer 12 min, color
In Post-Production

Starring Rena Riffel as Penny (Showgirls, Striptease, Mulholland Drive), Thom Barry (Cold Case, The Fast And The Furious), Michael J. Anderson (Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks), Peter Stickles (Short Bus, The Lair), Charlene Harding (Inland Empire), and introducing Christina Carte.  Dancers inlcude:  Nomi "Warren" Malone (American Idol), Vikki Lizzi (VH1's Celebrity Rehab),  Julia Sandberg Hansen (Postal), Paula LaBaredas, Ted Alderman, Justin Rubin, and J Luna as The Bodyguard.

Coming Soon: Official Showgirl The Musical Website!

Full length feature film is going into pre-production now, screenplay is complete.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's better to silently suffer than to say what is really going on.  I think maybe it is better to pretend like everything is fine, even though it is not.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Showgirls donation

I donated an autographed Showgirls DVD Boxset VIP Edition, an autographed Showgirls poster, and some behind the scenes autographed glossy 8x10's from the movie.  For tickets to their upcoming show, "Silent Roar", or to attend the silent auction gala, please visit the website for more info.

This is a wonderful organization, you can go to the website to get involved or donate for their upcoming silent auction.  I am so happy to support this dance program.

Infinite Dreams, Bethune Theatredanse's dance and drama outreach program, is an acclaimed education and performance program providing disabled children an opportunity to affirm their capabilities by participating in the world of movement and dance.

Bethune Theatredanse is proud to present

Silent Roar

Directed & Choreographed by Zina Bethune
Artwork / Video by Wylan
4 Performances Only
Feb, 5-6-7, 2010
Glendale Community College Theatre
Glendale, CA
Tickets: or please call (800) 838-3006

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I am looking forward to doing a Feast Of Fun podcast... I will re-post this with the date.  And, also, I am going to be doing a podcast with my friend down under, Super Marcey, the land of Oz :-)

I have been knocked out with my New Year's cold and cough.  So, this year didn't start out with the right kind of bang I was hoping for.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How does an actress deal with a stalker?

How do actresses deal with stalkers?

I erased this post.  It isn't good to be honest about harassment.  So, I will continue to post every once in a while just good news.  But, just so you know, no one likes to be treated badly.  I don't know how some of these big celebs deal with it.  I am really glad I am not famous.  I couldn't handle the ridicule, I am happy I have just been in a few movies that people like, so that is fun enough for me.