Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wine Review

Fetzer Vineyard... on their label it says "The Earth friendly winery".
  I really like this wine now.  I think they had a good season, the date on these bottles is 2009.  Loving their Chardonnay (dry, smooth, not too bad of aftertaste.  It has a good aftertaste.. doesn't have that yucky alcohol trashy taste like lots of cheap wines do).  And wasn't disappointed in their Cabernet, pretty good, I liked it :-)  Also trying their Gewurtraminer, a sweeter white wine (very sweet like a wine cooler compared to their chardonnay).  My Grandpa and August, his childhood friend from Germany, drank this type of wine every night while on vacation in the red woods Sequoia with my Grandma.  It was August's lifetime dream to visit the Red Woods in Sequoia.  Each evening at 6pm, August would bring out of his picnic basket pumpernickle bread and German cheese and Gewurtraminer, as he would say "Gewurts Time!"  My Grandma became a wine drinker after that, loving the "Gewurts Time!"  They said it tastes like lieb frau milch from the Rheinhessen region. LOL ;-)