Sunday, January 24, 2010

The new Showgirl movie News!

Dear Showgirls fans,

Coming soon is a new movie I made for you.  I have filmed a teaser on beautiful 35MM film, just to kick off the celebration!  It's the new Showgirls movie, SHOWGIRL: THE MUSICAL!!!!  
The Showgirl Teaser:
Written and Directed by Rena Riffel
Cinematography: Charles Rose
Producer: Rena Riffel, Thom Berry, Michael Anderson, Josh Eisenstadt
Super Teaser Editor: Dustin Robertson aviddiva hollywood
Post Production: Fotokem
Teaser trailer 12 min, color
In Post-Production

Starring Rena Riffel as Penny (Showgirls, Striptease, Mulholland Drive), Thom Barry (Cold Case, The Fast And The Furious), Michael J. Anderson (Mulholland Drive, Twin Peaks), Peter Stickles (Short Bus, The Lair), Charlene Harding (Inland Empire), and introducing Christina Carte.  Dancers inlcude:  Nomi "Warren" Malone (American Idol), Vikki Lizzi (VH1's Celebrity Rehab),  Julia Sandberg Hansen (Postal), Paula LaBaredas, Ted Alderman, Justin Rubin, and J Luna as The Bodyguard.

Coming Soon: Official Showgirl The Musical Website!

Full length feature film is going into pre-production now, screenplay is complete.