Friday, January 29, 2010

My Deep Kiss Music Video

I made this video with my ex-boyfriend, Doug.  It was a great experience, things went really smooth.  The only glitch was when Doug shot the black and white footage in fast motion instead of slow motion, lol.. but, I just changed the concept and went with it, I think it works, like an old Charlie Chaplin movie... I came up with the concept of playing a magical witch who casts a spell on an innocent guy, then making him fall in love with me.  I say a magic spell and adorn the chain with oils, herbs, crystal powers, and the chain becomes like a snake, wrapping around my Prince Charming.  (Played by Jayme Gallante)

We filmed for 2 days, out in the desert under an old train bridge.  And in my bedroom, and at Runyon Canyon in the stone ruins, rumored to be the old Barrymore Estate (is this true? Drew Barrymore's grandfather).  I funded it myself, cost about $1200.  ( while we were drinking margarita's at El Coyote at 4 in the afternoon, Doug convinced me this music video would launch my music career, lol...)  I processed the film at a good lab, shot on short ends, then had my telecine transfer done at this awesome low budget porno place, with wood paneling walls and gold shag carpet left over from the 70's (like Boogie Nights), way deep in the Valley (they gave the best deals).  (We borrowed the 16mm Arriflex camera from a friend, Mike Shogun, and Doug had his own 8mm old fashioned retro camera.)  I only had one roll of 16mm color film, or enough to sing the song through once and do some pick ups, and about 10 minutes or so of the black and white super 8.  I had it transferred to a VHS for my edit decision list, which I wrote out time codes on paper.  Then took my handwritten EDL to my brother's friend who is an Avid Editor, Dean, who gave me a good deal, too.  I read off my list, and we finished in a few hours, really simple and fun.  Now days, I'm on FCP or iMovieHD, doing everything on computers myself.  I kind of like how simple and fun it was doing it the old fashioned way, no dealing with FCP and things going "off line".  That would be amazing to just go back to my old method, working off time code with my VHS player.  tee hee ;-)