Sunday, October 11, 2009



I am making the ORIGINAL version of TRASHARELLA available again, but the new shorter version is going to come out on HALLOWEEN!! :-)  It's totally different, and it is so strange the way editing can change a whole tone of a film.  The original is more campy comedy, but this new version has a new tone.  It is much stranger and serious.  Although, I know, it's a hot mess... but it has some demeaning scenes in there, lol ;-) (ooops, fraudian slip?  I meant, REDEEMING.. ya)  I wish I could upload video to this blog, darn... youtube canceled my account because this new Trasharella commercial we made, for some reason, was "inappropriate"... I really don't know why.  Is it against youtube rules to be ball gagged while a painted faced vampire serenades on his accordion?  Or to kill a vampire with a barbie doll?  It's a PG movie, no use of "bad words" or anything, no F bombs.

Here is the soundtrack link, as well... let's boogie!  Thanks to Marcey for her artwork!


Marceyness said...

Aww thanks for using that! I am honored you liked it :))

Where will the different version be available? I need to get both! Ahh

Marceyness said...

Oh wow I feel silly, I missed the link haha! So the original version is available and on Halloween this different one is?