Monday, September 28, 2009

Funny Facebook

           I had my number one Showgirls fan, well not MY number one fan, but a Showgirls Fan who renamed himself Nomi Malone aka Warren Malone, who emailed me a link to a group of friends on Facebook.  They are so funny, really clever, and are cracking me up.  They have taken the identities of the Characters in Showgirls, Penny Hope being one of them.  They have the characters, like Cristal Connors, Nomi, Mr. Moss, Molly Abrahms, and others talk to each other and say the movie dialogue to each other on their Facebook pages.  I stole these photos from Penny Hope... or, I mean, me.. or, Gosh, it's confusing... I don't know if I am Penny Hope or this other person is Penny Hope, or is Penny Hope me?  I don't know... anyways... I love it and search Penny Hope on Facebook to check out their hilarious banter.

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