Friday, February 01, 2008

Rena Riffel comments: Blogs about Actors and Celebs

I feel like making a statement about how the many "celebrity bashing" blogs have their facts messed up. The more in the spot light and on the radar you are, the more they think they are funny to put actresses, me, and celebs down. It brings them traffic, I think. But, part of me wants to write them and correct them on what they say about me. But another part of me, just lets them be. Let them have their funny little way of writing sarcastically. I guess, in this business I am in, it has turned into "bad press is good press" or "there is no bad press". So, I wish I could correct them all. For one, as an actress, I have many different characters I have played and been cast as, not only strippers. I have worked with the best directors in the world. And I have only done 4 "soft core" films out of 50 films. Check my imdb. And by the way, they have my B Day wrong! :)


Richard (UK) said...

You know Rena there is a theory that all music journalists are failed guess is the bloggers you are referring to fall into a similar category. They can't do it so they write about it...Ignore em!
Anyways you have nothing to're living the dream and they are not

Rena said...

Thanks Richard! That is a nice perspective on all of it. I appreciate your advice.

EmJay said...

This year I resolved to stop reading blogs like that because they're so mean-spirited and filled with negative energy. I must say, I've been much happier since I stopped. All that matters is that you're happy doing what you're doing.

We went to the same high school, by the way. The other day I dug out an old yearbook, and there you were. We ran in different social circles, so we don't exactly know each other, but I certainly wish you the best.

Rena Riffel said...

Wow, that is so cool we went to school together! Well, thank you for your advice! Ya, if you read those mean blogs it is like poison. It is kind of funny, but totally cruel. I think we need to have some kind of respect for people in the entertainment business, not just constant free bashing. This business is set up to where you must get publicity, or you will not get the job. Media attention is weighed out in the process of weighing out talent. Too bad, but it just is. I think blogs should be lightly censored, when they are damaging someones career, or just don't read them anymore, like Emjay. Hey, isn't that something some people sue for, Defamation of Character, Slander? Some "celebs" don't mind bad press, that is all they have as a career. But, others, like me, want to be taken seriously. Well, not that I don't wannna have a fun career and make people laugh, but you know what I mean. I don't wanna end up a total train wreck with no come back. Well, like Emjay, stop reading them and your outlook on life will improve. Good job, fellow Grey Hound ;)!!!

Rena Riffel said...

Ooops! Sue told me she doesn't Sew, so I should say Sew.. oops!

It's Libel, that is what all this mean blogging is...

Libel involves the making of defamatory statements in a printed or fixed medium, such as a magazine or newspaper, or blogs.

# Attacks on a person's professional character or standing;
# Allegations that an unmarried person is unchaste; aka "slut/whore/skank"

That the statement was made with "actual malice", as in "you look like a tranny, but trannys are prettier". In translation, that means that the person making the statement knew the statement to be false, or issued the statement with reckless disregard as to its truth.

The most important defense to an action for defamation is "truth", which is an absolute defense to an action for defamation.

But, a lot of celebs like it, as long as they are being talked about. Like Paris Hilton, it made her a star.

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