Friday, August 03, 2007

GQ Magazine Photo Shoot, October 2007 Anniversary Issue!

SOME LIKE IT HOT!! Here I am with the legend, Tony Curtis, for our photo shoot for GQ Magazine. Tony is the nicest and funniest guy. I really enjoyed every moment I spent working with him.

The editorial photo shoot is entitled "The 1957 Man". The GQ writer, Mike, did an experiment by living his life as if he was in 1957. This included typing on an old fashioned type writer, the 3 martini lunch, and a subservient "perfect" wife. Yes, his wife and kids had to join in on the experiment, too. I was honored to be chosen to be the model to play a Marilyn-esque character. The photographer, Zach Scott, also shot my Got Milk, (Get The Glass), photo advertisement.

I really love modeling. My modeling career has gotten a second wind and I am loving every minute of it.

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