Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Doing My Own Movies

Well, I think I have come to the point where I have to wear all the hats myself and do something like a Slingblade type movie. I have written two scripts, one is an artsy comedy titled Tinker Bellagosi and the other is a thriller titled Butterfly Lane. I, of course, wrote good parts for myself which only showcase my acting and not only my body. Thank you to all my wonderful fans that have lifted my spirit on this journey, I love you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Good for you - Best of luck

josh said...
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josh said...

Butterfly Lane - Didn't I see photos of that on Daily Celeb - werent you in red underwear? Have you started filming that? Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Is Rena being "typecasted"? I don't agree completely with that. She embraces her roles with passion, dignity and honesty. I've liked all her appearances, because I've notices that Rena has truly grown in her roles. Her acting skills are getting better each year. Many comments have pointed out that she has been typecasted and it's a sad pity indeed. It is true that she is blessed with a body that suggests the strong possibility of a myriad of sinful activities and makes her the perfect choice to sexploitation films, but although she has been selected for a lot of slutty roles, I'm sure that she'll get better roles in the future. Meanwhile, she must continue acting in nudity films, because it is a good chance to show her acting between nudity, as he does, for instance, in "Dark Confessions" or "White Slave Virgins". In my opinion, it was not a good decision to turn down a role where she had to do a "Sharon Stone leg cross without underwear" move. Why? Well, Sharon Stone is the evidence!!! If now she is so famous it is because she accepted that role in Paul Verhoeven's "Basic Instinct". Besides that, when Rena has a part in a movie with nudity, that movie is more than sexploitation. She changes soft porn into art with her talent. And let me tell that soft porn requires something more than unstrapping bra and spreading legs. Rena Riffel brings true feeling to her characters. True talent happens to only a few as does corporal beauty. When the two merge together, we have something rare indeed, and it is not bad for both of them to be exposed. When Rena appears nude she's showing us part of her talent, which is her beauty, so for me there's no problem if she continues doing soft porn.
I've enjoyed every role and appearance she has done and find myself growing more and more fond of her. She has a stunning beauty that growns on you and she's capable of being much more than just another hot chick. I've seen every B movie queen, web model, starlet and glamour girl in the world and Rena is my favorite of all time. She has sweetness and vulnerability and pure-dee HEAT like nobody I've ever seen. The camera loves her. There are lots of beautiful girls, but she is extra special.
Rena, I promise to write for you a good part in the future.