Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Showgirls July 27 Premiere

On July 27, 2004, MGM re-released the movie, SHOWGIRLS. Hundreds of fans packed the Vista Theater in Hollywood, California for an interactive screening of the cult classic movie. The cast (Rena Riffel, Lin Tucci, and Patrick Bristow) received a very warm red carpet welcome and cemented their hands and names in the Vista Theater's Walk Of Fame. The experience was like the Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight screening, but even more fun. The audience had a bag of props and a list of when to use them or shout at the screen. The result was hysterical laughter, which felt good for the soul. The movie also delivered heart felt moments where it literally moved me to tears because I felt for the characters in the movie. One of the most fun props was a little clicker that we were to click everytime Nomi (Elizabeth Berkeley) got violent or angry. Because the character of Nomi comes from a criminal past and is emotionally unstable and desperate, Elizabeth made a good choice to play the character with continuous outbursts of rage. As for my character, Penny/Hope, the audience would yell out, "Don't Do It!" everytime I was on screen. Hope and James (Glenn Plummer) end up having to give up their dreams of being dancers because Hope gets pregnant and James has to work a 9 to 5 to support the baby and baby's mama. The audiences response, yelling don't do it, shows that my character was making bad decisions and eventually led to the ruination of her dreams. But, maybe Penny/Hope found happiness as a mother, married to a cheating husband who works for the baby's Grandma for minimum wage. I think after Penny matures, she is going to miss the stage and realize she traded in her dreams to be with a man instead. Maybe in Showgirls II, Penny and James will get their dance troupe back together and put it up at the Stardust Lounge.

Rena Riffel

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Juan Manuel said...

As far as I know reading her comments, Rena Riffel is an unusual combination of humor, natural honesty, modesty and politeness. Especially when you consider she lives in L.A., where nearly every actress behaves like a diva.

There is a lot of prejudice against blonde bombshells in general. Being pretty and blonde --as Rena and Marylin Monroe are-- in no way implies a lack of all positive capabilities, as some people endlessly repeat. Besides her astounding beauty and sensuality, Rena has an angelic quality about her. She didn't act like she was better than everyone, she just had a presence, an energy, a sort of light coming from within her that is overwhelming

I just want to say that her performances are absolutely brilliant, although directors don't give her the time she needs to develop them. Rena Riffel brings true feeling to her characters. It is heartbreaking to watch her acting and also her incredible figure. Congratulations, Rena, you deserve all the future success and happiness I am sure you will gain from all your hard work and incredible talent. I myself was beaten as a child and I am hugely grateful to you for portraying such a vulnerable and at the same time ambitious human being as Penny is, a damaged, sensitive woman and not a backstabber without conscience. I truly believe you are the perfect woman for incarnating her. And let me tell you that you dances far better than Elizabeth Berkley and Gena Gershon!!!!

True talent happens to only a few as does beauty. When the two merge together, we have something rare indeed. I believe you are that special talent. I will admit that when I watch your performances I am amazed at how much you communicate with nuance and sublety. It doesn't take long for any person with a brain to realize that you are not just a pretty face and a hot body. You've certainly shown us that in "Showgirls" and some other great sstuff. You're obviously not afraid to do whatever it takes for the refinement of your art. Well, in summation, you are first and foremost an artist and a human being.